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Our Vision

Modular, easily manageable, interconnected, professionally bench-marked and thoroughly efficient high quality medical imaging services. Thoroughly researched, these qualities are considered essential for medical imaging diagnostic services seeking to contribute in a robust and meaningful manner to addressing unique healthcare needs within the African subcontinent.

Current regional technical challenges may be mitigated by services primarily designed to establish core best-practice and facilitate sustained improvements in healthcare imaging service delivery. Harnessing expertise within our region calls for investment in processes which interconnect healthcare providers and facilitates access to expertise currently sequestered in the diaspora of African medical practitioners.

Our approach is...simplifying access to clinical imaging expertise!  


Modular complexity, hence simplicity...

Facilitating a single standard... "high quality healthcare imaging for all"

Our Services

Remote Reporting

Remote Reporting

Remote clinical imaging reporting services.

Advanced clinical imaging including complex MRI, CT, and PET-CT studies.

Second Opinions

Second Opinions

We provide expert second opinions on all medical imaging studies.

Collaborative review of clinical scenarios and international medical referral advice.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical support for remote imaging services and managing off-grid imaging solutions.


Radiology service support, clinical mentorship and training.


Consulting services and partnership operational management of new or existing public or private clinical imaging services.

Our Partners

We support and collaborate with West African based clinicians and healthcare service industry investors, in the advancement of healthcare imaging services in the region.

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